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As each of our markets has very different specifications and requirements, e-Proteins makes it possible for each of its clients to obtain the quality they require at the right price, with standards tailored to their applications, in the knowledge that each of our products is manufactured in a Class D environment. Only certain stages in the purification, valid ation and packaging are adapted in accordance with our clients' requirements. Pharma avidin is the only form bottled in a sterile environment after having gone through a viral inactivation process.

BioTech (today) Synthesis Pharma (Q3 2016)
Multiple (C4)RP-HPLC peaks
  • All natural variants
Double (C4)RP-HPLC peaks
  • Only 2 natural variants (Ile-34 and Thr-34).
Single (C4)RP-HPLC peak
  • Only 1 natural variant (Ile-34 or Thr-34).
Single mass spectrum + harmonics:
  • Partially truncated N- & C-terminal sepuences.
  • Partial phosphorylation.
Single mass spectrum:
  • No truncated N- & C-terminal sequences.
  • No phosphorylation.
Ion-exchange purified: >97% biotin-binding activity. Affinity purified: >99% biotin-binding activity.
Single SDS-PAGE band + harmonics:
  • Partial deglycosylation (16.5 & 15.0 kDa bands).
  • Partial oligomerization (~32, ~48, ~54 kDa).
Single SDS-PAGE band:
  • No deglycosylation (16.5 kDa band).
  • No oligomerization.
Partial oxidation:
  • E(280): 1.8-1.9
  • E(350): <0.1
No oxidation:
  • E(280): 1.65-1.70
  • E(350): <0.01
Traceability from RM Traceability from RM Traceability from feed of hens
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